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Our Mission

Wonderkidz uses Japanese abacus called soroban to educate students in improving visualization skills, mathematical thinking and increasing attention span. Our aim is to kindle your child's love for numbers and turn him or her into a mathematical whiz-kid .With our curriculum, math is no longer merely counting, memorizing, or repetitive worksheet drills, but learning math through -

Touch – we teach our students to perform math functions on the abacus by manipulating beads. Place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are at their fingertips.

Sight – we work with our students to improve focus and concentration skills to visualize the abacus to perform math calculations mentally.

Sound – we develop listening skills in our students to calculate beyond visual worksheets.

This mental ability will enable students to compute not only mathematical operations in their minds, but develop pictorial memorization when students study other academic subjects. It is a great advantage for students to have dual brain facilities to carry their tasks at school.

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